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Gramo Ypacaraí

During the National Seminar of Orchestras and Harps of Sonidos de la Tierra, we made the first edition of Gramo in Ypacaraí with speakers who spoke to us about music as a tool for education and change.

Gramo Editions from 2016 to 2018

Cervepar presents all Gramo editions since 2016, allowing that the speakers ideas reach the audience free of charge to inspire action.

Gramo Fest + fiiS

A festival organized by Gramo in conjunction with the International Festival of Social Innovation - fiiS, with the goal of celebrating social transformation, which mixes a lot of music and inspirational talks, different types of fairs and activities for the whole family.

Charly Alberti at Gramo

The former drummer of Soda Stereo was one of the exhibitors of Gramo Asu on November 15, 2017, thanks to Unilever. Charly spoke about the current environmental challenges and the actions to counteract this problem.

Gramo Sustentability

In this edition presented by Coca Cola, we discuss the care of our planet, its natural resources and the environment.

Gramo Podemos Más Special Edition

To celebrate the work of the last 10 years of the Teletón Paraguay Foundation, we jointly made the Gramo Podemos Más Special Edition to discuss the challenges and achievements of inclusion in the country.

Gramo Encarnación

We disembarked in the pearl of the south with this edition presented by CEAMSO to discuss "Citizen Participation" and the ideas that are transforming Encarnación and the country.

Gramo Villarrica

We went to Villarrica for the first time with this edition presented by CEAMSO Paraguay to discuss "Citizen Participation" and the ideas that are transforming our country.

Gramo Editions from 2012 to 2016

Itaú was the first company that believed in Gramo, as a presenter for four years, made it possible to bring to light the first talks and allowed events and talks to be freely accessible for all. Enjoy this selection of ideas from 10 of the best talks presented by Itaú.

Paul Polman at Gramo

Paul Polman is the Global CEO of Unilever and was at Gramo Asu 2015 to talk about the challenge of moving to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new economies.

Gramo AVINA Special Edition

As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Avina Foundation, we conducted a special edition of Gramo, with actors of the civil society and the business sector, to present the strategies and processes that accompanies Avina in Paraguay.

Gramo Comilona Teletón Special Edition

Together with the Teletón Paraguay Foundation, we carried out: GRAMO Comilona Special Edition, in which important references of gastronomy, social work and economy presented topics and projects related to food in Paraguay.

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