Gramo: Content that inspires action

How to define Gramo?

Gramo is a project that was born in 2012, based on the desire to tell stories, success stories, testimonies and ideas that generally do not belong in the traditional media. Thus, little by little, it became a content network that seeks to inspire people so that they understand their capacity as agents of change of their reality and environment.
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Bruno Defelippe

Fidu González

Rodrigo Weiberlen

Camilo Guanes

Marta Del Castillo

María Inés Mignaco

Paola de la Huerta

Agathe Dauvergne

Marisol Jara

Gonzalo Recalde

Monserrat Rodríguez


The stories you hear in Gramo are built jointly
between the exhibitor and a team of people who help define,
design and take the message to the stage: the coaches.

Alexandra Niz

Andrea Burt

Daniel Achaval

Josefina Bauer

Maria Glauser

Oti González

Paola Martínez

Roberto Galeano

Juanma Cabarcos

Silvia Sánchez Di Martino

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